Sakurai Sho <3

#002 BRIGHT - Tegami (Live)

I'm back so soon~

I had nothing to do today, so I subbed another one of my favorite songs. This time it's BRIGHT's Tegami. It's been a few years since they disbanded, but I still listen to their songs regularly, especially this one. Unfortunately, this is the highest quality video I could find for this. :(

Although I've grasped the basics of Aegisub and its Karaoke function, there's still some stuff I have to improve on. ^-^"

Next time, I'll sub a more upbeat song.


Download: 4shared
Password: SoUnderrated
Honda Keisuke: ;P

#001 Flower - Akikaze no Answer

Hello everyone!

I translated and subbed Flower's Akikaze no Answer PV. This is the first time I've ever translated a song and used Aegisub, so tips and feedback are greatly appreciated. :D

Akikaze no Answer is one of my favorite JPop songs of all time and the music video is so stunning~ In my opinion, it is Flower's best release so far!


Download: 4shared
Password: ComeBackChiharu